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Mining Use Crushing Equipment Makes Industry Entering The Peak Period

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Core prompt: September 3,2012--China's economic development has been in the momentum of rapid development since the 1980s,no matter

September 3,2012--China's economic development has been in the momentum of rapid development since the 1980s,no matter which industry,including China's railway construction,highway construction,and real estate development,mining,water conservancy industry.

These industries led to the development of an economic industrial chain,for example,repair highways,railways,building use to cement,gravel,sand and gravel,which ushered in the peak period of the rapid development of the mining,sand and gravel industry,and mining use crushing equipment and the production of sand and gravel crushing machinery industry development,so that gradually entering the peak period.

The development of the industry,while promoting the development of the steel industry to accelerate,the surface of these examples,the development of each industry are closely linked with the industrial chain.In broken machinery industry has entered a peak period when the crusher market is abnormal hot,because at the time,the local government sector,mining supervision is not great,some private individuals see mine the enormous profits of the mining industry.At the time,almost overnight,the small-scale mining plant in the local development have mushroomed all the fiery form of mining equipment sales,resulting in the mining equipment industry to outstrip supply situation,even the customers came to the factory inside,a look at a device,immediately repurchase production.So that is the peak of crusher industry development,is also the peak period of the development of the mining industry.But also a lot of problems in the peak period of the mining machinery industry,brought a lot of not only the enterprise itself.With the development of China's economic reforms,and China's accession to the WTO,China's economy has been sustained and steady development of the state,however,the rise in recent years prices brought a stumbling block to the development of the Chinese economy,and China's economic development policy is not matching countries are issued a series of policy control and and combat some privately Hongtaiwujia enterprises.However,the past two years and to catch up with the soaring steel prices,which no doubt gave some shadow to the machinery industry,the profit of the machinery industry is gradually shrinking,machinery industry,how to get rid of such difficulties,how to cater to the development status,this undoubtedly the introduction of a new incentive policy requires government departments,all manufacturers should cut expenditure,to make good use of every sum of money.Enterprise status and should be reformed to adapt to the current state of the economy,corporate management should take the management of the road,in the direction of the development of high-tech products should go on.Private enterprise to rid itself of the pigtail,and gradually to the large-scale,standardized to embark on the path of sustainable development of enterprise development,real.Furthermore,is the development of enterprises to gradually expand the scope of development from China to the world,the road of internationalization machinery industry with international standards,local products should make international brand.Although this goal only a few large producers to walk this road,crushing machinery industry in China is also constantly trying to innovate it full description of the mining machinery industry in China in the reform,and then gradually get rid of single sales management model,which is a good sign,which requires companies in the sales model,as well as product quality and high-tech with international standards,but only a small number of enterprises,China is now a lot of private enterprise development outlets has also been very bumpy,very tortuous,which requires government departments should be introduced to encourage small and medium-sized enterprises,private enterprises to take the road of sustainable development,enterprise management model and marketing model to imitate large enterprises,try the path of sustainable development The road is feasible.

Zoneding Machine has been dedicated to the research and development of the crushing and beneficiation equipments.The research is not only successfully applied to our own products development,but also makes great contribution to mining field.

research production

Our company pays more attention to the international technical communication and cooperation,adopts advanced technology and craftworks of USA,,Australia and so on.

Vigorous production and research:

About 30 technical members are working in the R&D center of Zoneding Machine mainly consisting of mechanical engineers,chemical engineers and electric engineers.They specially follow the basic research,new product development and technical support of machinery equipment in the field of mining machinery.

Our company possesses independent development,processing and manufacturing capabilities and also has an independent R&D center and production base.Endowed with modern-cutting equipment,advanced computer aided design systems and perfect three-dimensional simulation test systems,our company can ensure our productsa??performance.

High standard manufacture process:

Our company has group of experienced workers and on-site engineers,which ensures the advantage of production.We are always strict in product quality to make sure every set of machine is of high performance and high reliability.Thirteen technicians comprise our Tech Support Dept.We assign 10 QC inspectors to check our equipment,and three to monitor our stone-crushing lines.

Every item must pass our strict quality checks prior to shipment.Aftersales service staff are ready to help customers solve technical problems.And we also provide engineers to train your employees,if needed.

The company ha s group of experienced workers and on-site engineers,which ensures the advantage of production.Zoneding Machine has always been strict in product quality making usre every set of machine is of high performance and high reliability.

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